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Truck Rental

Whether you’re moving your entire home or business, or just a few big items that won’t fit in your minivan we can help. I personally use it to take my daughter to and from college.


When you rent a truck from us, you have control of your goods and belongings. With a traditional van line or portable storage unit, all of your belongings are under their control of a company, who may not treat your goods or belongings with the same care and consideration you would. You do not know who is packing, loading or driving your goods and belongings.

Local Move?

If you’re moving locally, we can provide you with reliable, easy-to-drive 14 foot truck that get your hauling done quickly.


Our Truck is Equipped with:

Power Steering


Air Conditioning


Convenient Gasoline Engine


Automatic Transmission


3 Cup Holders


Great AM-FM Radio



Unlike our competitors

Our truck also comes equipped with a dolly (hand truck), moving pads and a broom at no additional charge. We also don’t charge more for weekends or holiday rentals like they do.


(1). Do I need a special license to drive a one of your trucks?

Nope-as long as you have a valid driver’s license, you can drive one of these trucks.

(2). Do I need to do anything special before I return my truck?

Please refill the gas tank as a courtesy to the next person who drives it. Be sure the truck is cleaned out of all your belongings (especially any empty soda cans etc) and be sure not to take it to any drive-thrus as we frown on anyone bringing it back as a convertible.

(3). Can I tow a Trailer or Vehicle behind the Truck?

Unfortunately, at this time these 14-foot trucks are not equipped to tow vehicles or trailers.

(4). Are there different rental rates for different days of the week?

Nope. We let the other guys do that.

(5). Is there an after hours Procedure for returning the Truck?

Simply park it in the front lot, lock the doors and drop the keys in the drop-box by the front door.

(6). Is there a deposit to rent the Truck?

Yes, $100 per day.  ($50 to reserve the day.  If you do not show this is non-refundable, and then $50 when you come in on rental day.  So be sure to align your stars.)

(7). Do I have to return the truck when im done with it Truck?

Yes. We don’t have a pickup service for trucks.

(8). Am I responsible for any Speeding or other traffic tickets while using the Truck?

Yepper! The driver of the truck is responsible for the vehicle’s safe operation.  Also if you go through a Toll, we will bill your card when we get the invoice in the mail. :)

(9). Does the Truck come with a dolly or furniture pads?

Yes. The truck is equipped with an appliance dolly and furniture pads, and they are no extra charge, unlike our competitors.

(10). What kind of License do I need to rent the truck-How old do I have to be?

To rent a Room to Spare truck, you need a valid driver’s license and be at least 21 years of age. We also would like an automobile insurance card in your name.

(11). Who supplies the pizza and beer?

This is standard moving fare, and expected by most helpers, but it’s your dime. That is, unless you have rented a unit from us, we give you a FREE Coupon for a Large Cheese and Pepperoni from Johnny LaBellas. We do however, have a cold soda and water machine.

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