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Ebay Class 102 New Student Fee

  • Check Back as these classes are only held in the Winter
    This class is for the beginner. You may have a few things around the house you’d like to sell, but you don’t know where to begin. You’ve found the answer! If you’ve never sold on eBay and would like to get started, you’ll learn all the basics at this class. It’s a little over 3 hours of
    instruction and during the class you’ll learn how to:

    Do research and create listings that will attract buyers
    Enhance listings with better descriptions and photography
    Set pricing that will maximize your profits
    Simplify getting paid and avoiding scams
    Monitor sales to know exactly what is working and what’s not
    Avoid many of the costly mistakes that new eBay sellers may make
    Open an eBay store, the advantages and disadvantages, and MORE
    Class registration includes 3-hour training, materials, and post-class email support for one (1) month. Please bring a small item you might like to sell. (We will choose one from a student and list it.) If you have a laptop please bring it as it help you understand the steps. The Basics of Buying is a Pre-Requisite for this class OR having an eBay account with 25 feedbacks or more.​
    You can attend this “group session”.taken classes from us in the past) – All new Class Members can pay online at the class price of $199.00
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