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Our Fees

  • NOTE:  Items MUST have a minimum estimated eBay sale price of $50, weigh less than 150 pounds and legal to sell on Online. 

  • Anyone can bring his/her items to be sold to our location.  Our Staff is present to examine the items and estimate their potential to be sold on the internet.  Often we will offer other ideas if your item doesn't lend itself to an online venue.  If we feel the item will sell, we'll check it in.


We take it from there. All you have to do is wait for a check in the mail. However, if you would like to take a look at the online ad to see what we did for you. We ask for your current email address and we will send you a link.


Online Auctioneering Commission – 25% of the first $1000 and 15% of any amount over $1000 per auction. Minimum of $12.00 commission per auction.

Multi-Site Listing

  • $19.99 Prepayment
    Applied to Fees & Commission

  • Unlimited Ad Duration

  • You set the Asking Price Range (Let’s talk about it)

  • 60 days on at least one alternative site, depending on the item and appeal. (2 Sales Sites Total)



One Exclusive Site Listing

  • $15.00 Prepayment
    Applied to Fees & Commission

  • Unlimited Ad Duration

  • You set the Asking Price Range (Let’s talk about it)

  • Sometimes One is all you Need.

  • Often We Will Waive the $15.00 Fee if we Feel this is an item we think will Perform Extraordinarily.



Craigslist Listing

  • $25.00 Fee 

  • No Additional Commission

  • Unlimited Ad Duration

  • We Top-Post Automatically

  • This is perfect for large items that can not be shipped. (Furniture, Exercise Equipment)

Our Unbeatable Service

Room to Spare’s Online Auctioneering offers professional service to give your items the maximum sales potential on the Internet:

  • A professionally written ad highlighting your items advantages and mitigating it's liabilities

  • We evaluate the best avenue to sell your item as well as whether it should be grouped with other like items or separated.

  • Professional digital photographs of your item to best highlight the item

  • The benefit of the Selling Strategies of the Experts

  • Maximum exposure to buyers and convenience & confidentiality

  • Payment collection service: credit card processing/money orders, etc. (Online sales present a lot of payment hiccups that we are well qualified to deal with. Leave the headaches to us!)

  • All professional packaging, shipping, insurance and handling costs.

  • Safe secure & insured place to store your items during the auction process.

  • A check sent right to you.

  • Voila!

We won't sell: Hate Memorabilia, Guns, Pronography, China or Poorly Behaved Children.

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