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Payment Options:


Yes, hard to believe but we still accept it.

Personal Checks

Sure thing. You can mail them in (7545 Transit Road, East Amherst NY 14051) OR you can simply place them in the "Rent Drop" near the front door of the office. If this is the option you choose, we will send you a payment booklet and you can tear off the payment coupons a month at a time or pre-pay for as many months as you may like.

Internet Banking

Many of our clients setup internet banking with their Banks and set it to recur every month. Perfect – No Late Fees, No Stamps, No Forget. (Most Banks offer this free or a small one time fee.) Check with yours today.  With Post Office Delays calculate your payment to arrive BEFORE the First of the Month to avoid Late Fees.

Charge Cards

Your monthly rental can be placed on your Mastercard, VISA, AmEx, or Discover account, and can recurr for the duration of your tenancy. OR you can come in and we can swipe it every month. Either option is available to you. The advantage here is that you will never be charged a late fee.

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Venmo Payments

If you have a Venmo account simply Log in and send the correct amount to

Paypal Payments

If you have a Paypal account simply Log in and send the correct amount to



No Late Fee Guarantee Program

You must sign up for this. You can come in and pay with cash or send in a check, but back it up with a Credit Card. In the event you forget, your Charge account will be billed on the 6th of the month and you will never see a late fee.


Make A Payment:

Give us a Call at (716) 636-4620


Make a Payment
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