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We are seeking a colleague.  Assistant Property Manager 

About us:

We aren't just the average boring storage facility. We are a fast paced business environment with a large variety of clients. Clearly we have storage clients, but several other businesses are run here as well. We sell Online for other people. We have a large event in the early summer which requires a lot of coordination, Room to Spare's Community Garage Sale the Saturday before Memorial Day weekend. We ship packages for our clients via FedEx Ground and Express. We rent trucks, and we do all of this with an out of the box type thinking.

Additionally, we run several companies from behind the Room to Spare counter: Storage, Online Consignment, Shipping, Plumbing & Heating Contracting and we are the fulfillment company for an item I hold a patent on and ship nationwide. If you want to know how a business runs, this is ground zero.


FedEX Shipping Buffalo NY

FedEx Shipping East Amherst NY

FedEx Shipping Lockport NY

FedEx Shipping Clarence NY

FedEx Shipping Amherst NY

FedEx Shipping Williamsville NY

FedEx Shipping Clarence Center NY

FedEx Shipping Getzville NY

FedEx Shipping Stores Buffalo NY


What we have to offer: We have a fun work environment which involves a fair amount of banter. Okay, more than a fair amount, a lot of banter. We have a good time with what we do. So, if you are in an uptight job atmosphere, this might appeal to you. It doesn't mean we don't work hard however. We do and as such we have been featured in the Buffalo News, Ch7, Ch2, Self-Storage Now Magazine, the Lockport Union Sun & Journal and the Clarence Bee. We are looking for the right person. The right fit. (Note the Pumpkin People Butts we do at Halloween.) We will work around schedules for the right person. In some cases this would be a great job for an exceptional college student as I could offer PART TIME DURING THE ACADEMIC YEAR AND FULL TIME IN THE SUMMER.

What We Offer:


Tuition Reimbursement Program
Competitive Wages with a Premium Wage for Weekends and Anything Scheduled After 5pm
Paid Holidays depending if you work over 30 hours/week
Unpaid Holidays (I not only close on the Holiday, but the the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and the Day after Christmas).

   I want my employees to be able to spend time with their families and friends and have a good work-life balance.
Truck Rental, Storage and Moving Supplies Discounts

While this particular position is Part-Time, We could discuss the opportunity for health care with the company contributing to that plan.

Requirements:  Here is what we need:

Sense of Humor: (If you have delicate sensibilities, or the No-Sense-of-Humor disease this may be uncomfortable for you.) This is the first characteristic on the list for a reason.

Sanity: (You'd think this might go without saying. I think not.)

Weekend Availability: (We aren't Walmart, but we are open 9am - 5pm Saturday). We pay a premium for weekend hours. While part time (16 - 32 hours depending on the right candidates needs) is preferred. Saturdays are required.

Common Sense:  (Isn't really common, so we can't dismiss this either.)

Sales Ability:  A sense of "What It takes to SELL something". (We have a significant Online Sales Consignment Business.)

Computer Literate:  Feel Comfortable in front of a PC and behind a Digital Camera? We need someone who must work well with both People and Technology.

Value:  Understand the value of a dollar, so not to use more money in maintaining a service than you are able to charge. In other words, keep an eye on profitability.

Ability to Prioritize!  We do a lot of things here! Always a ball in the air. No dull moments. So if you have a slow pace.... this isn't for you.

Lifting: There is some moderate lifting in this position. Helping a client get a box on the scale etc.

How to apply:
The first person to answer this ad does not necessarily win. 

(If I don't get a cover letter... and I only get a resume with a bunch of unrelated job experience; I have no reason to contact you). I also don't need a blah blah "responsible", blah blah "dependable" cookie cutter letter. Those letters are blahhh blahhh blahhhhhh <eye roll and groan>.  I want you to talk to me, like you would in person. Tell me why you want the job. Tell me why you are looking etc.  This is the reverse of why you would be good for the job..... What attracted you to the ad?  Lastly feel free to ask whatever questions may have sprung to mind as this is a two way street.

Email me your resume AND cover letter telling me why you think you want the job or would fit in, to 

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