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 May 2022

Community Garage Sale



Traditional Garage Sale Fare

Every Year we see a Bedroom Set Leave

One Year we sold 3 Couches and a Canoe!

Baby and Toddler Items

Camping Equipment

Homemade Candles


Sporting Equipment

Kids Clothes

Furniture!!! Furniture and Furniture!

Exercise Equipment




You can sell whatever is Legal!

Our Annual Community Garage Sale has gotten thousands of buyers to our facility every year to look for that deal of the century and often they FIND it!

In an effort to keep every member of the community healthy and not take any chances.... We have cancelled our yearly community garage sale.  Full Refunds will go out on St. Patricks Day. 

Stay Healthy and We will see you next year!

 9am - 2pm







Spaces for Garage Sale Participation are LIMITED!


Consider renting one with some friends and making a party of it!

Let's face it, you can't buy a small ad in the paper for what this costs and we really get the crowd!

As a tenant your $25 Entrance Fee gets you space in front of your Storage Unit and the Unit next to you, and an 8' table to use for the day.., Plus Price Stickers to get you started! 


As a Member of the Community you get a 5'x20' space (long and narrow) and 8' table to use for the day, Plus and Price Stickers to get you started! 


After May 1, Sign-Up fee goes to $35 per Space. There are no free stickers or refunds after this date.


We do the Advertising for you! We have it covered. You can do your own, but we promise to take care of this for you! Bring in your things before the show, set them up and on sale day.... HAVE FUN!


If you have any questions, please feel free to call. (716) 636-4620

Vendors Can Park Inside the Facility

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