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FedEx Shipping

Welcome to the best kept secret in Clarence & East Amherst!


We are open 6 days a week to take your shipment!


  • If the package is 6 pounds or more we will SAVE YOU MONEY! (Compare us.  Please.)

  • Between 3 and 6 pounds - It's who do you like better? 

  • There are no lines.  (Have you been to the Post Office in December? or on a Monday?)

  • We have ALL the supplies and we will help you pack the box if you buy the materials from us.

  • You only need to fill out paperwork if you want to insure your package for more than $100


Thought FedEx was only for businesses? Well not anymore, it is far more competitive to ship with us than our friends in brown.


If it is over 6 pounds you want to bring it to me. Allow me to show you what great service I can get you with our FedEx shipping counter and how I can beat the the pants off all my competitors.

FedEX Shipping Buffalo NY

FedEx Shipping East Amherst NY

FedEx Shipping Lockport NY

FedEx Shipping Clarence NY

FedEx Shipping Amherst NY

FedEx Shipping Williamsville NY

FedEx Shipping Clarence Center NY

FedEx Shipping Getzville NY

FedEx Shipping Stores Buffalo NY


Pack it at Home:    Have the supplies - Do it yourself

We will take it from there 

Remember shipping it calculated by weight, dimension and distance.

Don't use brown paper wrapping.  It's not necessary and if it comes off along with the bar code the package can be lost.  

Bring your item in and purchase the box and pack it up right on site. We have a wide range of shipping supplies… and it is far more economical to pack it with us than going to the UPS store or FedEx Office or even the US Postal Service!  All you have to do is buy the packing materials from us!


Unlike the UPS – FedEx will deliver packages on Saturday with their Home Delivery Service, have your recipient emailed with the tracking number when it ships, and insure it automatically for $100!

Special Offer

Get $2.00 Off an Ebay Shipment with any Paypal Packing slip or eBay or Etsy Invoice.


This map illustrates schedules in business days as of September 2018 for FedEx Ground shipments, which now beats UPS by a FULL DAY at a better price.

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